Mortgage Rate Comparison

Date: June 29, 2016 – Source: Company Website

Mortgage Rate Comparison Chase Citi Wells Fargo Bank of America

Costs is all lender fees, including points and all administrative and underwriting fees (prepaid finance charges). Points represents the percentage equivalent of all lender fees (prepaid finance charges) in relation to the loan amount.


Why is AmeriFund a better choice than the big banks for your mortgage loan?

Lower mortgage rates for 25 years

Since 1990, Dallas based AmeriFund has been originating loans for homeowners in Texas. That was before any major bank, including Bank of America, Chase, Citi, or Wells Fargo was offering mortgage loans to consumers in Texas. It wasn’t long before the banks were trying to compete. But for more than 25 years AmeriFund has trumped the big banks, offering better mortgage rates, lower costs, a wider variety of loan programs, more liberal underwriting standards, and a staff of more experienced loan consultants.

Mortgage rates comparison table

That’s a fact. You’ll pay thousands more in points and lender fees to get the exact same rate if you get you mortgage at a bank. We provide the foregoing mortgage rates comparison table that shows the rate, points and lender fees posted by the “big four”. We update the table periodically. Since we began doing the comparison more than a decade ago there has never been a single occasion when any of these banks provided better mortgage rates. Bottom line, banks are okay for auto loans but not so good at doing mortgage loans.

Not just better mortgage rates. Better service too.

And it isn’t all about rates. Our loan consultants are seasoned veterans. The average number of years of experience for an  AmeriFund loan consultant is four times the average at any of the big banks. You’ll notice the banks quote rates and points for a lock period of 60 days. Why? Because that’s how long it takes them to process, underwrite and close a mortgage loan request. That’s twice the time it takes AmeriFund to get your mortgage loan to closing.

More experience. A wider variety of programs. Faster and more efficient processing and underwriting. And lower rates and pricing. The choice is simple. Choose AmeriFund for your mortgage financing requirements.

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