Credit report and score monitoring at Credit Karma

Every person that contemplates obtaining a mortgage loan in the near future should begin monitoring their credit history and credit scores, as the content of the credit report and the scores can have a huge impact on qualification, the interest rate on the loan, and the costs of obtaining financing.

We recommend that every prospective borrower set up monitoring at Credit Karma, a free online monitoring service. That’s right. It’s free. The site’s revenues come from advertisements on the site, but the advertisements are not annoying in any manner. When Credit Karma obtains your credit history and scores from two of the three national reporting agencies it is a “soft” credit inquiry that does not affect your credit scores.

Here’s how to sign up at Credit Karma. Go the Credit Karma website, click the GET STARTED NOW button (shown below) and follow the instructions to set up your account. Learn how to print your credit reports and upload them for review by your AMERIFUND loan consultant here. Click the image or click here to visit Credit Karma.

Monitor Credit Scores



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