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Promotions and Discounts

If you utilize the services of a real estate agent participating in our Cost Cutters program we'll provide a credit that can be applied to costs or pre-paids at closing permitting you to reap the benefits of a lower rate without increasing the costs.  Read the Details here.

With interest rates moving up and down like a roller coaster AmeriFund's "float down" option enables you to lock in a rate today but benefit from the lower rate if rates drop after you lock.  Eliminate the risk of rising interest rates by locking immediately after making application with the added benefit of a lower rate if the upward trend reverses.

Qualified applicants that apply online or by telephone interview and upload or fax images of their income and asset documents (paystubs, W-2s and a bank statement) can receive a conditional approval letter in 4 hours or less.

AmeriFund guarantees a 15 business day closing on qualified transactions.  We can do it quicker on some transactions.  That's right. We have you ready for closing in a third of the time our competitors take.  Ask an AmeriFund loan consultant for details.