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Pre-Approval. Why Apply?

In today's competitive home buying market most sellers require that a buyer be pre-approved before entertaining an offer.  Sellers are more than 80% more likely to accept an offer from a potential buyer whose been pre-approved than one who hasn't.  And Buyers with pre-approval letters are often able to negotiate lower purchase prices.

Bottom line ... If you haven't already been pre-approved, you need to do it before you begin your home search. And the sooner the better. Our research indicates that as many as 37% of our mortgage applicants have negative items appearing in their credit reports that they are unaware of  ...  items that can lead to pricing adjustments costing thousands of dollars.  Beginning the loan approval process weeks or even months before you begin your home search will assure that you have sufficient time to remedy any unforeseen or inaccurate entries on your credit report.

And no one has a quicker or easier procedure for pre-approval than AmeriFund. And it's free. Absolutely no obligation. 

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