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What's next?

After completing our online application or our telephone interview an applicant will receive an email with a an encrypted copy the typed application and the required state and federal disclosures for your transaction. That email message will also contain a link to a secure folder where the applicant can easily upload the income, asset and other documents required to evaluate the application. Once the required documents have been uploaded we'll evaluate the documentation within a few hours and if the applicant meet the requirements for the requested loan and program we'll issue an approval letter within a few minutes.

On refinance transactions and on purchase transactions where the applicant has already located and contracted to purchase a property that same email will contain a link to two other forms requesting information about the transaction, including contact information for real estate agents and the applicant's insurance agent. The applicant will be permitted to provide credit information for purchasing an appraisal (the only item paid for prior to closing on most transactions) at that time.


Within minutes of receiving this information our processing staff will complete a variety processing tasks to assure that your application is promptly evaluated by the underwriters and quality control personnel. This includes requesting documentation from the insurance agent and title company or settlement agent you have chosen.

Within 24 to 48 hours our processing staff will have accumulated, organized and packaged the documentation in a form sufficient to enable the underwriters to validate the application information and perform quality control checks that are required under agency guidelines.

It typically takes about a week to secure delivery of the appraisal report and the requested title documents. This process could take slightly longer for rural properties or other unique properties such as vacation homes. In the meantime we will have submitted the file for evaluation by the underwriters and quality control staff. The evaluation of the file by the quality control staff is related to assuring that documentation that properly supports all reported income and assets is included in the file. During this process the applicant may be required to provide explanation letters relating to information revealed in the quality control checks and to provide documentation that was not available at the time of application. The documentation and information requested at this stage rarely affects the qualification of the applicant, which has previously been established. It does, however, require the applicant to quickly respond to document requests to assure that there are no delays in the processing.

In less than 7 to 8 working days we will typically have completed the evaulation of the supplemental documents, the appraisal, title and insurance information that was received during the quality control stage. Once completed we will order documents for the closing which will be delivered to the settlement agent (title comnpany) within anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.

You'll be provided with a copy of the proposed settlement statement (HUD-1) to review and we'll provide you with information enabling you to secure a cashier's check or arrange a wire transfer to the settlement agent. You'll sign the closing documents at the office of the settlement agent (or at your home, office or other location on a mobile closing) and within a few hours your loan will be funded. On refinances of primary residences there will be a three day "right of rescission" after execution of the closing documents prior to the funding and consummation of the transaction.