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AmeriFund vs The Other Guys.


Origination. AmeriFund does things a little differently than “the other guys”. Most our competitors hire “loan officers” that are great salesmen but don’t necessarily know much about the details of mortgage loan programs and/or mortgage loan underwriting or processing. AmeriFund’s loan consultants average more than 20 years in the industry and receive extensive training on every aspect of the mortgage origination process. Most our loan consultants know the Fannie Mae guidelines better than the underwriters. They are the cream of the crop.

Processing. At most companies when you submit an application it goes “in line” to be reviewed and handled by a processor. Several days into the process these processors will review the file and begin the procedure of requesting required items such as appraisals and title commitments. At AmeriFund, this process occurs within hours of receipt of your application documents.

Underwriting. Most our competitors turn the processed file over to an underwriter more than two week into the process. Thus an individual trained to actually evaluate the documentation to determine an applicant’s qualification does not even view the file until several weeks into the process. At AmeriFund, a party trained to make this evaluation reviews the income and asset documents and the file is run on the Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac automated underwriting system within hours of our receipt of the application and file documentation. Simply stated, the vast majority of our competitors take two weeks or more to do what AmeriFund does in just a few hours.

Closing. This unique process not only enables AmeriFund to deliver a legitimate approval within hours of application, it also means that the documentation requirements other lenders are requesting just days before closing have been evaluated and cleared by AmeriFund’s underwriting staff weeks before the competition has even evaluated the file. This is why AmeriFund is able to offer a 15 business day “ready for closing” guaranty on most traditional conforming loan files.