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UP2 Case Study

1321 Mossvine Drive
Plano TX 75023
September 21, 2013


This case study utilizes real data based on a property purchased in Plano, Texas on 08/07/2013 and on actual comparable sales data and comparable rent data in that neighborhood for the period between 03/1/2012 and 09/21/2013.

The documentation in left side-bar menu provides detailed investment information for this case study.

This case study illustrates the effect of reducing the initial cash investment to maximize the return on investment. The reduction in cash investment to a mere $1,050 was accomplished utilizing AmeriFund’s Texas 2-Step.

With a total initial investment of $1,050 the investment accumulates the following combined appreciation in value and net operating income from rents:

Combined Appreciation in Value and Cumulative Net Operating Rental Income:

After 05 years: $ 83,652.75
After 10 years: $145,282.82
After 15 years: $226,862.80
After 20 years: $332,478.07
After 25 years: $467,072.37
After 30 years: $636,640.88

Do you have a better way to spend $1,050?

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