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AmeriFund vs The Other Guys

Origination. AmeriFund does things a little differently than “the other guys”.  Most our competitors hire “loan officers” that are great salesmen but don’t necessarily know much about the details of mortgage loan programs and/or mortgage loan underwriting or processing. AmeriFund’s loan consultants average more than 20 years in the industry and receive extensive training on every aspect of the mortgage origination process. Most our loan consultants know the Fannie Mae guidelines better than the underwriters. They are the cream of the crop.

Processing. At most companies when you submit an application it goes “in line” to be reviewed and handled by a processor.  Several days into the process these processors will review the file and begin the procedure of requesting required items such as appraisals and title commitments. At AmeriFund, this process occurs within hours of receipt of your application documents.

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What's next?

After completing our online application or our telephone interview an applicant will receive an email with a an encrypted copy of the typed application and the required state and federal disclosures for your transaction. That email message will also contain a link to a secure folder where the applicant can easily upload the income, asset and other documents required to evaluate the application. Once the required documents have been uploaded we'll evaluate the documentation within a few hours and if the applicant meet the requirements for the requested loan and program we'll issue an approval letter within a few minutes.

On refinance transactions and on purchase transactions where the applicant has already located and contracted to purchase a property that same email will contain a link to two other forms requesting information about the transaction, including contact information for real estate agents and the applicant's insurance agent. The applicant will be permitted to provide credit information for purchasing an appraisal (the only item paid for prior to closing on most transactions) at that time.

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